The Sunken City

Meffridus: Session 12

After discovering the secret room hidden in Ira’s hall, the party stood before three burrows in the north wall. The party entered further into the dungeon through the westernmost and center burrow. Patrice accidentally tripped a wire that released a sizable amount of rubble down upon him. Patrice survived the trap, his quick reflexes allowing him to escape the brunt of the trap’s attack. The rest of the party was left unscathed.

The party then made a course through the natural caverns that led to the north east and ended abruptly at a cliff overlooking an underground lake. The party was making preparations to climb down the cliff when they were attacked by a group of 7 craymites. The craymites with the advantage of surprise made quick work of Sarth, Iomagoth, & Gonlex and would’ve soon made an end of the entire group had it not been for the reluctant Dandelion calling for Yddgrrl’s aid. A root from Yddgrrl erupted through the floor of the cavern where it was promptly magically enlarged as it slayed the remaining craymites. The enemy vanquished, the survivors began rolling the bodies and were astonished to find that none of their fallen companions were actually dead. Nevertheless, everyone was the worse for wear. It was also during this fight that Meffridus took spell corruption and patron taint.

The party found the tunnel from which the craymites had launched their attack. The tunnel was about 30’ up, near the ceiling of the cavern. Baptist climbed up and scouted it out. It was decided, as the cavern in the roof was defensible, that the party should rest there instead of attempting to climb down the cliff. After 8 hours of uncomfortable sleep the party lit another torch to scout what lay beyond the encampment tunnel to the North West. The tunnel opened up into a larger cavern. A sinkhole was discovered in the floor of the cavern, the smell of fish wafting up from the hole. It was also noticed that a rope was secured at the top of the sinkhole and descended into the dark below. The party decided to pull the rope up and spend another day in the dark recuperating.

On the third day, Baptist was lowered on the end of the waterlogged rope down the sinkhole. The rest of the party was given the all clear signal from Baptist and then descended to the cavern below and found themselves standing in two feet of cold water. More craymites were encountered here, but quickly dispatched.


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