The Sunken City

Session 15

With the flooded caves behind them and the Mountain God Ira appeased and Malloc seemingly placated for now, the group was faced with determining just where they were. Using the sun as a guidance, the group believes themselves to be in a mountain range some 65 to 70 miles or more east of the Great City. Glint the dwarf know he is far from the underground halls of his people as the type of rock and formation of the mountains is different.

With choices of heading down towards the valley far below, cliffs making that a hazardous option or contouring around the talus slopes, the group opts to forge ahead in a westerly direction. The travel is difficult and precarious as the group makes their way.

After many hours of slow travel the group reaches a distinctive game trail, with a choice that appears to lead down into the valley or continue in a westerly direction along the talus slope. About this time a lone crow begins circling overhead above the party for several minutes. The crow then flies above the path on the talus slope before coming back and circling. The crow repeats this several times before the group decides to follow the crow and westerly route.

The travel eases, though still cumbersome as nightfall approaches. With help of the crow a small widened section of trail is found where the group makes camp for the night. Watch is set, though the night passes uneventfully.

The next morning the group continues as the valley walls become more akin to canyon walls, stretching above and dropping away below them. The game trail eventually peters out to a dead end with a cave-like opening in the canyon wall. A bridge is visible some 100’ below the trail that spans the canyon to the other side, the canyon floor some 500’ below.

Deciding the cave opening might provide access to the bridge below, the group explores. An iron gate bars the way, a dead dwarf tangled among the bars as if trying to flee. Dwarven runes above the gate state:

Gragton’s Pass. Ye of Dwarven Ancestry Fear Not. Others Beware.

Baptist spends a fair amount of time trying to disable an apparent flame trap and finally succeeds. The lock however proves of fine dwarven quality and is unpickable. Resorting to sheer force and crowbars, the group muscles their way through the iron gate and into the complex.

The group moves into the complex and finds a vertical shaft leading down with ladder rungs bolted into the wall. About halfway down the body of a dwarf is caught in the rungs. Upon investigation the body appears to have the remains of many glass shards piercing his body.

Continuing on the group finds more evidence of dwarves trying to flee from the complex and shattered crystal shards cover many areas. Descending another vertical shaft, the group encounters two unusual crystalline creatures. The group manages to dispatch them, but learns the creatures burst in an explosive array of crystal shrapnel when they are slain.

Finally the group reaches the access point to the bridge. The bridge spans a chasm some 200’ wide and sways in an updraft. Stone platforms anchor the bridge to either side, a combination of wooden slats and thin iron slats forming the bridge. Large birds the size of dogs circle in the canyon.


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