The Sunken City

Sessions 13 & 14

After the craymites in the chamber at the bottom of the shaft had been dispatched, the party discovered the bodies of two cultists, tattooed and clad in loincloths, floating in the chamber. They also found the body of a petrified thief trapped in the cave wall about 10’ up.

The party fashioned a raft from the bodies of the deceased cultists and began to explore the other chambers. Most of the passageways ended in dead ends and more craymites. And in one of the passages both Sarth & Gonlex were slain. A winding passage that led to the NW ended in what appeared to be another dead end, though it was noticed that the water at the end of the passage appeared to be considerably deeper.

The party retreated again to the upper passage to recuperate from their wounds and rest. During the night they heard voices from the sink hole’s edge and discovered that two strangers, Tsarth & Glint the Dwarf, had mysteriously appeared. After an uneasy few moments, the strangers were invited up and joined the party.

After the party had rested, they climbed back down to the lower chambers aiming to explore the the cavern with the deeper water further. Glint the dwarf proved an admirable swimmer and discovered not one, but two tunnels under the water. After some deliberation with the rest of the party, it was decided that Glint should swim with a rope through the passage to the west. With the rope in place, the non-swimmers were able to make it through the tunnels safely.

The party then found themselves in a large chamber. There was some trouble getting the drenched torches lit. The party discovered a sunken statue of Gelihedres and a floating mud ball that turned out to be the corpse of a demon. Two other living mud demons then attacked the party. One demon was turned, the other slain. After some further exploration of the chamber the party opted to try the other underwater tunnel.

The other tunnel led to the north. The party surfaced in a pool in a carved chamber. A stairway led out of the pool to the west. A napalm trap was triggered in the hallway and Glint(?) suffered some burns.

The party then explored the hallway to the north. They found cultists sleeping in a chamber. With the element of surprise in their favor, the party easily triumphed. They then proceeded through another door in the sleeping chamber to a chamber further west where they encountered more cultists and discovered a secret door.

After exploring the rest of the hallway, another empty chamber was discovered. The hallway ended in large double doors facing west. The party decided to enter the secret door in the sleeping chamber to the room beyond it.

Beyond the secret door they found a large room with the body of a decapitated giant, the skull of Vyache & the stolen Alceon, Bashkim the priest, a priestess, a number of cultists, and a ritual in progress. The party managed to kill everyone and retrieve the items that Ira had sent them to fetch. The items were returned to their proper places.

With no help from Malloc forthcoming and no sending stones in sight, the party began to make plans to exit the mountain and find their way back to someplace other than where they were then.


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