The Sunken City

The Judge: Session 5

Using the most of the time before the fair contests the group heads back the Gralk’s house with the majority of the village preparing for the fair. Cautiously entering the place, despite creaking porch boards, the group finds a tidy workshop with a few potted plants and flowers. The workshop area was meticulously labeled, but several items were missing, ranging from beakers to stirring sticks and such.

A strange substance was found on the work bench, identified as Viper Lilly, a likely narcotic. Taking some time the group manages to scrape up a dose of the Viper Lilly from the residue left on the table.

Moving towards the back of the house the group finds a kitchen and dining area, though there is nothing particularly noteworthy about either. A set of steps leads up to the second floor from the back of the kitchen.

Upstairs is a large great room. One half is a living area with a simple couch and chair with a table. The other half is a bedroom area with three beds. One of the beds appears to have not seen use for quite some time. Near this bed is a shrine that seems to be focused on the portrait of a young girl. Many items are circling the shrine, but a few appear to be missing. From the marks in the dust it appears to be a box of some sort and a small shoe missing from the shrine.

Searching through the rest of the bed room area, the group finds a small coin purse under one of the beds.

From here the group heads to the processing plant where they meet Onus One Arm tending to the pigs. He chats with the group and initially accepts a bribe to tell a little more about the town. But as the group, (er, shall we say Gonlex) begins to make threats he returns 10gp of the bribe, though he stands his ground on not revealing much information about the town.

The group heads to the fair to participate in the contests. The Mayor announces the contests and the townsfolk participating in each event. Several members of the group participate in each, though Meffridus and Iomagoth head off to the tower and then the Mayor’s house to investigate things.

The tower visit does not reveal much as Vokas, though odd acting, seems to carry an aire of confidence. Meeting a dead end there the pair head to the mayor’s house.

Raiding the woodshed for axes the party’s magic users head to the back door and knock. A servant girl answers the door. Meffridus tackles her to the ground. Iomagoth tried multiple times to knock her out, but fails miserably each time as he misses with an axe and his staff becomes tangled up in his cloak. The girl screams drawing people from the fair up to the house as the pair hastily make their exit.

At the contests , Dandelion has a great showing, winning the dagger throwing contest an the foot race around the village that works out to a quite close finish.

As the final contest, the sea shanty contest, is being done, Grik the farmer rushes into town saying his town is under attack of the Mist Men. The Shanty contest pauses and the council meets quickly. They request the aide of the group, who reluctantly agree.

Heading out to the farm, the group comes upon it and finds a thick mist covering the grounds with 18 to 20 men in masks slaughtering pigs and stealing various farm supplies. Charging in to attack the group makes good efforts. The Mist Men are worthy adversaries though as they use small steel tubes to shoot the party members sending two to unconsciousness. Vokas offers support with some very impressive fireballs being hurled into the group of Mist Men.

Soon the mist turns to a field of electricity as it deepens to a red shade. Vokas runs out of the fog which leads to the others to do so as well. The mist explodes in a ball of electrical energy seeming to cause all of the fallen Mist Men and their steel devices to disappear.

Grik the farmer is quite happy to have his farm saved and the group is sure to be welcomed as heroes back in the town of Slither’s End.


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