The Sunken City

The Judge: Session 6

The group returns to town after saving Grik’s farm from the Mist Men attack. They are welcomed as heroes as the townspeople are quite excited to have the farm saved. The mayor informs the party that they town will pay for their accommodations for the evening at the Asp and Tattles tavern.

Making their way to the tavern where Patrice introduces himself to Tollybogs, an oversized halfing. He quickly convinces Tollybogs that the town is picking up the drinks and food for the night as well. The group settles in at a large table as more and more townspeople filter into the tavern for a chance to see and speak with the heroes that saved the farm.

As the evening goes on Gonlex becomes quite inebriated and begins busting out various sea shanties much to the acclaim of the crowd. Soon the celebration moves back out to the blood red pool at the center of town where the lectern hangs over the water, looking quite suspiciously like a cage. Gonlex is happy to have a vantage point form the lectern as he sings his songs and allows himself to be led into the lectern. Patrice, Dandelion, and Meffridus quickly take actions to be ready to spring into action should the lectern be lowered. Amidst the excitement, Meffridus is able to secure a rope to the lectern as well.

Moments later the lectern is raised into the air, swinging out over the water as Gonlex begins his last shanty of the evening:

Here me o’ people of muskmelon girth!
Come ye all, of noble or low birth.
Come here the tales of the Grand Charter Co!
Here how save the people from woe!
When the mist men are coming, don’t fret, just grin!
For you can call on your Mustertown friends!
We’ll give those old mist men a boot in their rear end!
So say I, the fearless Bard of Slither’s End!

The waters beneath the lectern begin to froth and churn as something unseen appears to cause the disturbance in the water. While obvious to the others in the group, Gonlex pays no mind and finishes his shanty to the cheers of the crowd.

The townspeople begin lowering the lectern slowly, efforts made by Meffridus and the trio of horses he called for from the stables to pull the rope ensure the lectern lands back on the platform where Gonlex is freed from the lectern.

Meffridus, making use of his horse language, learns from the horses that typically people are lowered into the water. Though the horses know little else.

The celebrations continue back at the Asp and Tattles well into the night.

The next morning the group heads downstairs to find the Mayor and Miriam waiting for them. They explain more about the disappearances of people from town and confirm the rumor that Jonas Gralk was last seen carrying his mother outside of town. The council representatives ask the group to investigate on behalf of the town.

Agreeing the group follows their young guide north of town across some slippery pontoon bridges connecting several small islands together. With a larger land mass just ahead, the air suddenly fills with flying piranha fish and the boy warns the group not to follow him as he jumps into the water and swims south back towards the village.

Dandelion conjures a force disk to help reduce the risk of crossing the precarious bridges and the group makes their way across. The fish manage to bite several of the party members, one enough to send Iomagoth to the ground. Sarth tries to lay hands on the fallen wizard, but angers Pelagia in doing so. The group attempts to roll Iomagoth’s still body and through a feat of luck Iomagoth survived the flying fish attack.

Safe on the land mass, the group looks ahead and sees a wide river flowing with a small stone tower and a quite colorful riverboat tied up to a dock below.


Wow. That horse bit almost makes Meffridus sound heroic or something.

The Judge: Session 6

The horse thing was awesome!

The Judge: Session 6

The horse thing was one of the best random moments of the game so far, which has had more than it’s fair share! All hail Meffridus the Horse Whisperer!

The Judge: Session 6
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