The Sunken City

The Judge: Session 9

With the group at the work camp they hurriedly made preparations to continue north to the compound the woman described. Moving quickly through the swampy woods the group came upon the site.

Two towers rose above the walls of the structure surrounded by walls. A guardhouse stood at the south side of the structure, but several portions of the walls of the compound had collapsed due to the swampy ground. Watching the compound for a few minutes, Baptist spots a guard atop the guardhouse.

Patrice decides to try to sneak to one of the breaks in the wall to get a better look. Having to cross open ground he finds the task difficult and is spotted by the guard. A shout goes up and Patrice is told to stop, which he does.

A brief round of questioning follows with Patrice agreeing to be bound to be escorted into the building. His supplies are taken from him as his hands are bound behind him. As this happens the rest of the group makes use of the distraction to enter the facility through the northeaster break in the wall.

Patrice is led inside through the gatehouse. The remaining group believes they have found the opossumen’s barracks and decide to set it on fire. Using a liberal dosing of oil the barracks is soon up in flames distracting Patrice’s captors.

Patrice’s captors strike him on the head and he feigns unconsciousness as they leave. A crowd gathers near the fire as they futilely try to extinguish the flames. Patrice uses a dagger not found by his captors to cut his bonds as he hides behind a toolshed.

Meffridus and Iomagoth decide to call upon the powers of Malloc to deal with the human guards and opossumen. Making simultaneous pleas for assistance their call is answered in an astounding way. The ground begins to shake as enormous roots below the earth begin to writhe. Large portions of the walls collapse, the towers shake, and fissures begin swallowing up people and then closing back up crushing them. Patrice barely manages to escape a fissure himself as he falls outside the protective area of Meffridus and Iomagoth.

As the trembling subsides a handful of guards remain which the group quickly dispatches. The ooze pit has disappeared, drained via a fissure along with the slave workers harvesting the ooze.
The group continues to the still standing, though now significantly cracked tower and enter. Encountering an ooze spider the group fights it off with Baptist and his crew finally dispatching it.
Inside a set of stairs leads up. The attic is quickly checked by Patrice and a door opened to reveal a shaky bridge across the now empty ooze pit. On the other side Jonas Gralk appears, calling out that she will kill them all if they continue. He begins shaking the bridge as soon as Gonlex sets foot on it.

Jonas is intent on shaking the bridge as some of the group attempt to cross while other fire missile weapons at him. Gonlex falls from the bridge, though he survives the fall. Exuberance and Olfactory also plummet from the swinging bridge to their deaths. Baptist finishes charging across the bridge and bites Jonas, the last of Jonas’ lifeblood leaving his body.

Hearing chanting on the other side of the door, Gonlex breaks into the room and finds the mask wearing woman forming into an ooze beast of some sort. The many ooze tentacled creature lashes out at the group, striking many and sending Sarth unconscious to the ground. She falls under a series of blows, Baptist once again landing the final killing blow.

With the party weak from combat, they recover the sought after mask from the ooze woman and plan their next steps.


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