Female Elf


Dandelion, Female Elf Level 3

Str 13 (1)
Agl 09
Sta 14 (
Per 11
Int 14 (+1)
Luc 11 (The raging storm: Spell damage)

Attack: 2
Crit Die/Table: 1d8/II
Action Dice: d20
Spells known: 5
Max Spell Lvl: 2

AC: 14
HP 21 (3+1, 6+1, 3+1, 5+1)
Ref +1
Fort +2
Will +2

Alignment: Neutral
Languages: Common, Elvish, Pixie,
Racial Abilities: Infravision 60’, Immune:Magical sleep and paralysis, Detect secret doors +4, must get chance.
Vulnerabilities: Iron

Spells: Invoke Patron, Patron Bond, Ekim’s Mystical Mask, Enlarge, Feather Fall, Force Manipulation, Sleep.

Level 3 Elf (Quester)
Former Occupation: Elven Chandler
Weapon Training: Dagger, javelin, lance, longbow, longsword, short bow, short sword, staff, spear, two-handed sword.

Equipment: Mithral Longsword, longbow, 40 arrows, mithral scale mail, small sack, rope, 2 bottles of “two copper dropper” wine, 18 scented candles. 1 healing potion.
Treasure: 150gp in jewelry, 10 gp

Mercurial Magic Results:

Patron Bond: Primordial channel. Memories from before the time of Man flood the caster’s mind as he takes on a primitive demeanor. Every time he casts this spell, the wizard devolves to sub-human tendencies for 1d4 rounds thereafter. During this time, he cannot speak intelligently, cannot cast other spells, cannot use complex devices, cannot read or write, etc.

Invoke Patron: Unwanted attention. Casting the spell draws the attention of a powerful supernatural being, who watches the wizard for 10 minutes: An agent of the
supernatural being appears and interrogates the wizard on his use of the spell.

Ekim’s Mystical Mask – Mystic twin. Casting the spell causes a fully functioning twin face to appear in the caster’s chest. The face remains for 1d3 rounds. During that time, this dual face has its own 1d20 action die under the control of the player, with which it can speak, cast spells as the caster, or spout cryptic wisdom.

Enlarge: Greater power. The caster is allowed to roll twice for any random element of the spell (duration, damage, number affected, etc.) and take whichever result he wishes

Feather Fall: No change. The spell manifests as standard.

Force Manipulation: Blood magic. The power of this spell is partially drawn from spilled blood, a sacrifice to the unknowable lords of Magic. A living creature with hit points equal to or greater than the spell’s level must be offered up before the spell is cast; otherwise, the spell check suffers a -4 penalty or patron taint (judge’s choice). The creature need not be sentient; chickens, goats, and other simple animals with the proper amount of hit points will suffice.

Sleep: No change. The spell manifests as standard.


Dandelion was a dutiful employee of Wardrobe & Privyworks, the city’s premiere merchant for lotions, oils, aromatherapy candles and more. She’s not exactly sure WHY her manager “Roderic” asked her to go into the Sunken City to collect dirkroot bark, but WHATEVER..now she’s stuck here with a bunch of gross guys who do gross things like eat their dead friend’s gross beard and throw their dead friends on gross spikes and walk totally on top of them. The swamp is so gross, too.


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