Gonlex the Ditch Digging Pirate

Gonlex, Male Human Warrior - Hero Bard of Slither's End, Cavalier of the Grand Charter Co. of Mustertown


Str 13 +1
Agi 7 -1
Sta 15 +1
Per 10
Int 8 -1
Luc 15 +1 (Lived Through Famine: Fort Saves)

Alignment: Lawful
Speed: 25’
Level: 4
XP: 10

Ref: +1
Fort: +4
Will: +1

Max HP: 34 (1d4+2, 1d12+2, 1d12+1, 1d12+1, 1d12+1)
AC: 16 (+ 6 Banded Mail, + 1 shield, – 1 Agi)
Initiative: 3 (+ 4 warrior lvl, – 1 Agi)
Action dice: d20
Attack: +1d6
Crit die: 1d20
Crit table: IV
Fumble die: 1d12
Check Penalty: -7 (-6 armor, -1 shield)
Languages: Common

d6+2 Longsword: 1d8+1 dmg
d6-1 Shortbow: 1d6 dmg
Arrows: 74

Equipment, gear and treasure:
1 lbs. fine dirt
10 ft. pole
Flint and steel
38’ rope
Small Sack
Sea Queen Idol



Gonlex is the son of a poor ditch digger, and when he reached young adulthood, he became one himself. However, he has always dreamed of sailing the seas, and recently he gathered up enough nerve to brave the Sunken City in hopes of striking it rich and becoming a sailor.

Recently, Gonlex survived a trip to the fabled Sunken City, experience the power of Malloc and returning to Mustertown with a few less companions, one extra finger, and plenty of treasure.

A fool and his money are soon parted however, as the party quickly learned when Gonlex gave away 9 electrum pieces to safeguard the group’s passage to Slither’s End as they continued their adventures. Once there, Gonlex began making a name for himself in the town by vanquishing mist men and singing shanty songs and limericks during the Harvest Fair. He even braved the town “lectern,” delivering a rousing song about The Grand Charter Company of Mustertown and the self-named Six Fingered Bard of Slither’s End.

Gonlex the Ditch Digging Pirate

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