Iomagoth (Deceased)

Iomagoth, Male Human Guild Beggar


Str 9
Agi 13 +1
Sta 8 -1
Per 15 +1
Int 15 +1
Luc 16 +2 (Born on the Battlefield: Damage Rolls)

Alignment: Neutral
Speed: 30
Level: 1
Exp: 10

Ref: +2
Fort: -1
Will: +2

HP: 3
AC: 11 (+1 Agi)
Initiative: +1
Action dice: d20
Attack: +0
Crit die: 1d6
Crit table: I
Fumble die: 1d4
Languages: Common, Elven, Demonic

+ 1 Sling: 1d4+2
+ 0 Club: 1d4+2

Equipment, gear, and treasure:
Hand-size mirror
Small sack (2)
Empty flask
Chalk (2 pieces)
Rations (1 week)
Flint and steel
Holy Symbol of some foresty god (belonged once to the fallen Dorian, a hunter)
1 bottle of Two Copper Dropper
99 gp
120 sp
10 cp

Cantrip (Mercurial Magic: Cannibal Magic – 1d4+1 dmg to self) – NEVER CAST THIS SPELL
Magic Missile (MM: Plague of Rats – 1d4 dmg negated)
Detect Magic (MM: none)
Magic Shield (MM: During day, roll d16; During Night, roll d24 for caster checks)
Find Familiar (MM: none)
Patron Bond (MM: rolls d30 on checks)
Invoke Patron (MM: +1 on checks, Blue Star – 25’ of light from a star center on caster’s forehead). — Usable 2x per day.


Iomagoth is a man of many talents and a man of many faces. Though he is not crippled, he has spent much time acting as such, plying his trade as a guild beggar. Recently he came upon the fool Gonlex (an unintelligent poor man who fancies himself a pirate) and befriended him as a means to some end. At the end of their adventure with the Grand Charter Company of Mustertown, Iomagoth was “blessed” by Malloc, feeling some of that being’s power join with his own.

After surviving some of the perils of the Sunken City, Iomagoth got rid of his crutches and finished his studies in wizardry, starting down the strange path of the arcane, calling on Malloc to fuel his sorcerous powers.

Iomagoth (Deceased)

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