Olfactory Husqvarna (deceased)

A shy, disfigured man. Olfactory had part of his jaw and tongue bitten off by a wild pig when he was just a child. He cannot speak, communicating only by jestures.


STR 13 +1
AG 12
PERS 8 -1
LUCK 13 +1
Luck Roll add Luck to Melee attack rolls

HP 2

Alignment Chaotic

Weapon Shovel (as staff)

Fine Dirt, 1 lb
Large Sack


The three, Baptist, Exhuberance and Olfactory are members of a fledgling Malotoch (the ravenous, cannibalistic, carrion crow Goddess of scavengers, ruin and cannibalism)cult. They dress in long, hooded, loose fitting robes made of the hides of black river rats. They conduct ritualistic murders to honor Malotoch, in which they capture, kill and roast a creature over a fire, then they eat its flesh and drink its blood. All of this is done while under the influence of herbal concoctions made of found plants, mushrooms and dung.

Olfactory is the muscle of the Malotoch cult, doing the biding of Baptist. He is shy and self-conscious about his disfigurement. He is extremely loyal to the other two members of the cult because they are the only friends he has ever had.

Olfactory Husqvarna (deceased)

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