The Sunken City

The Judge: Session 1

Coming from assorted backgrounds you met at the south gates of the Great City waiting for them to be opened. With debts growing and struggling to make ends meet, some not even able to afford arrows for their bow, the group of you found yourselves in Mustertown.

This little ramshackle village just outside the Great City walls sits on an area of dry land just between the Great City and the expansive Sunken City the swamp has been reclaiming for centuries. While the Great City is harsh on debtors, they allow ones to form Free Companies to venture forth into the Sunken City via a Sending Stone to make their attempt at striking it rich.

Meeting up at the Soiled Dove you quickly found Old Soily who told you about the protocol for forming up into a group and heading out into the Sunken City. With the copper piece fee paid, arm bands distributed and clay marker to note your next of kin should you not return you were given directions to the Sending Stone to the south via a narrow causeway.

Along they way you met The Lady who seemed to live in a small shack along the route. She seemed pleasant enough and wished you well on your journey to the Sunken City.

Reaching the Sending Stone, towering some 20’ high and years of glyphs faded by the weater save for the horned head that seemed to be weathering better than the rest. Wasting little time the group placed their hands on this massive stone and found themselves transported through swirling darkness to a misty, grassy, swampy area of the Sunken City.

With the smell of roasted meat from one direction and a great areana visible in the distance to the north, the group chose to move towards the smell of roasting meat. En route you encounterd eight opposumen, a cross between man and possum. The battle was brief with your sheer numbers overwhelming these strange beasts.

Finding their camp a short distance away you found some rope, lean-tos and 8 bottles of wine. Following some drag marks from camp into the waters of the swamp where you lost track of them you found yourself beset upon by two large crocodillos. While much tougher than the opposumen you once again managed to defeat both beasts. Being resourceful you mangeged to cobble some crude leather shirts for makeshift armor and food for several days to pack along.

Continuing to the north you reached the great circular arena with the word ‘Madazkan’ carved into the stone arch of the gatehouse. A dead tree with roots trending downwards also marked the doorway.

Deciding to use the great staircases on the exterior of the arena you found yourself in the stands of the arena with hundreds of skeletons littering them. Spying a pavilion across the way, the group worked their way through the stands to the pavilion. One tried to ease their way along the edge only to slip and fall to their death. The remaining group used the doors to enter the pavilion.

Within you found more skeletons that appeared to have defending this area. A skeleton sitting in a chair was clutching a black mace with chains that was freed from the bony grasp. Several swords and armor were also found that acted as upgrades for the group.

The Judge: Session 2

With the pavilion in the arena explored, the company decides to descend a rope to the arena floor to investigate a lone skeleton in the arena clutching a golden sword. Approaching the skeleton and using a 10’ pole to poke at the skeleton sends “screens” of elemental electrical energy coursing through the walls and openings essentially trapping the group in the arena floor area.

The stands slowly come to “life” with the sounds of moans, screams and other horrific whines as the skeletons littering the arena’s stands begin to stand and look down upon the arena floor.

Spikes begin pushing up from an inner wall with force, then retracting before doing so again. A set of large steel balls come rolling around the arena floor area the group is on with extreme force. Ben and Lantin fail to dodge them and are killed from the blow as the balls clank down against the spikes along the inner wall.

A portion of the group checks the rope and finds the elemental energy screen will prevent them from scaling back up it into the pavilion. Another portion of the group tries to roll one of the steel balls back through one of the energy curtains, and while the steel ball passes through, they take damage from the electric energy arcing through the steel ball.

Another group focuses on the short wall with spikes that has a black hole at the bottom, currently also covered by an energy field. One leaps over the wall, clearing the spikes only to tumble down onto the energy field below. The others rig up a bridge of the fallen bodies of Ben and Lantin.

Using this makeshift bridge the rest of the companions cross over the bodies, though Algernon loses his footing and succumbs to a blow from one of the spikes.

The group discovers some panels that depict a tree with long roots, much like the one carved on the front of the arena itself. Pressing one of these plates causes the energy screen to disappear, revealing an opening that seems bottomless from the top. Lowering a torch proves that it disappears in blackness several feet below.

Next Gonlex was lowered on the rope disappearing into the darkness. Moments later the electric elemental energy field snapped back into place, severing the rope. Gonlex was nowhere to be found, calls for him were unanswered.

With little options for escape from the arena the tree embossed plates were pressed again and the party made their way into the dark hole.

After many moments of darkness the party splashed down in a pool of water, finding themselves healed completely was they looked about a circular chamber.

Leaving this chamber the group found themselves face to face with chain wielding skeletons which proved little match as the group quickly laid them back to rest. The party quickly learned that return trips to the pool for healing was not an option as it seemed to affect the individuals stamina.

The group then headed west finding themselves in a hall with passage to the north and to the south. Heading to the north the group came upon a room with 18 stoppered vases. One vase was smashed, a noxious gas spilling out killing Dorian. Another had the top pried off, again releasing a noxious gas in the room which was quickly burned off with a torch.

Deciding to head south the group found themselves in what appeared to be a washroom, purple slugs covering the walls, though they had no interest in the party. Elroy and Felroy moved further into the room causing two purple slimes to come out of the toilets and attack the pair.

A battle ensued with Elroy falling victim to the slime and Delbert getting killed by an arrow from one of his own comrades. Soon the battle ended with the group victorious, though less in number.

The Judge: Session 3

With the slimes defeated the group again returned to the room with the vases. With a brilliant idea from Meffridus, the group began to heat the bottom of the vases and listening for the rattle of a coin as a way to determine which vases to open. Using this methodology the group was able to easily determine which vases help coins and which held the noxious gas.

Seeing little alternative the group returned to the south arch off the main room they plummeted into. Moving into that natural grotto the group found a slow moving underground river with hundreds upon hundreds of crayfish swimming about and one large shadowy shape swimming by. Across the far side was a glint from something shiny on the island.

Wanting to test the waters the group sacrificed Sarth’s sheep and tied it to a line and then threw it into the water. Quickly the water churned and a giant catfish like creature some 20’ long leapt from the air and took a leg off the sheep. Hurriedly pulling the sheep back to shore the group decided to put the sheep back in the water and be prepared to pepper the catfish with ranged weapons. Employing this tactic several times the group appeared to have weakened the catfish, but not killed it.

Seeking a “safe” way across the underground river the group took one of the large braziers from the room and also flung a rope with grappling hook across. With the rope secured two members pulled themselves across in the oversized brazier. On the way across the large catfish leapt up out of the water but failed to capsize the makeshift raft allowing the two to safely reach the other side.

They found several small items over there including the skeleton of a man who was likely trapped for several years on the far side. Retrieving the items the group finished off the catfish and then made their way back across the river.

Heading back to the vase room, Dandelion caught the feeling of a small breeze prompting the group to look for secret door which they handily found. Behind it was a hall that led to a room which had paintings depicting acts of unspeakable pleasures.

Finding multiple passages from here they found one that led to a rubble collapse that Felroy deemed quite unstable as also evidenced by the pair of boots sticking out from under the pile of rock. The group decided to leave that alone.

Another passage appeared to have a slight grade upwards, though there was collapsed rubble there as well. The group decided to check the other passage out first.

This passage ran to a hall with a slight turn in it opening into a room with large tree in the center with a glimmering chalice hanging from a tooth-like maw. Eight giant lanterns hung over open holes in the floor with small alcoves all about the chamber.

Gonlex was the first to cross the circle of lanterns which caused giant root-like tendrils to burst forth from the floor and begin grabbing and attacking the group. Several get grabbed and begin to get squeezed while others are tossed across the room. Heidolphus gets squeezed to death and is then transported towards the maul as Felroy tried to retrieve the chalice, but gets attacked by tendrils from the maw itself. Grappled there he received aide to break free. As they flee Heidolphus is fed to the tree’s mouth. As the blood flows the root-like tentacles recede allowing the group to flee.

But not before several of the party members accept the blessing of Malloc!

The Judge: Session 4

The group returned to Mustertown via the Proving Stone and the news of the fallen’s fate delivered. The baked clay markers were turned in so the next of kin could be notified, while those that survived were treated as heroes.

Several months pass as the group enjoys their new found money, equipping themselves with better gear and several making real progress in gaining true arcane power. As the money begins to fade Meffridus and Iomagoth swear their fealty Malloc as their patron. Soon thereafter the first of the visions occur.

Over the course of a week the pair receive visions of a mask and then another night a vision of the Sending Stone. On subsequent nights the pair hear strange whispers. ‘Clotilda Gralk’ and ‘Slither’s End’. Finally the pair wake up with the word ‘Control’ carved into their arm. Though the scar will heal, a message is definitely trying to be sent.

Telling the others the group seeks out a Shaman to try to make sense of it. He tells them of an old town called Slither’s End, one of the first areas to be reclaimed by the same. He also shows the group an old sketch of the mask that was seen in the vision. Supposedly the mask can unlock ones deepest desires, perhaps also allowing one to control the demon in the Sending Stone to control transport more easily? The shaman finally reveals that the Lady en route to the Sending Stone has been known to mold the demons will in where folks are sent. While she cannot do so frequently, perhaps with the right tokens of appreciation she could help the group.

The group armed with this information adding clarity to the visions, the group heads back through Mustertown towards the Sending Stone. Gonlex readily turns over 9 electrum coins much to the group’s chagrin, though the Lady is quite happy to help accepting the coins as a retainer. She agrees to see if she can speak to the demon within the stone to help direct the group’s travels.

Using the stone the group does indeed arrive in Slither’s End. On a small island, pigs hung in cages rotting in the damp air. Dark shapes swim through the water as a bow on the far dock looks on, shaking his head at the dark shapes. Using rope and grapple to cross the boy remains silent, but the shaking of his head seems to keep the dark shapes from getting too close to the group.

On the larger island it appears a fair is soon to take place for harvest season. A pair of city council members hurry quickly to the group, ready to risk them on a tour of the island. Introducing themselves as Miriam and Grimchops the dwarf the group is ushered around the island. They are shown various buildings, a rusty red pool and the empty house of the Gralks with the graveyard out back.
Along the way and once back at the fair tents the group learns that both the Gralks are missing, supposedly with Jonas Gralk the son having carried the mom away several days ago. The adults seem to go about their business, but the children seem to lack any real happiness with morose looks upon their faces. The shapes in the water are supposedly there to protect the island and some of the townsfolk mention other disappearances of late and mention a 30-eyed snake like creature.

The fair’s contests will be starting the next day. Miriam happily invites the group to participate in the challenges against the town’s own people.

The Judge: Session 5

Using the most of the time before the fair contests the group heads back the Gralk’s house with the majority of the village preparing for the fair. Cautiously entering the place, despite creaking porch boards, the group finds a tidy workshop with a few potted plants and flowers. The workshop area was meticulously labeled, but several items were missing, ranging from beakers to stirring sticks and such.

A strange substance was found on the work bench, identified as Viper Lilly, a likely narcotic. Taking some time the group manages to scrape up a dose of the Viper Lilly from the residue left on the table.

Moving towards the back of the house the group finds a kitchen and dining area, though there is nothing particularly noteworthy about either. A set of steps leads up to the second floor from the back of the kitchen.

Upstairs is a large great room. One half is a living area with a simple couch and chair with a table. The other half is a bedroom area with three beds. One of the beds appears to have not seen use for quite some time. Near this bed is a shrine that seems to be focused on the portrait of a young girl. Many items are circling the shrine, but a few appear to be missing. From the marks in the dust it appears to be a box of some sort and a small shoe missing from the shrine.

Searching through the rest of the bed room area, the group finds a small coin purse under one of the beds.

From here the group heads to the processing plant where they meet Onus One Arm tending to the pigs. He chats with the group and initially accepts a bribe to tell a little more about the town. But as the group, (er, shall we say Gonlex) begins to make threats he returns 10gp of the bribe, though he stands his ground on not revealing much information about the town.

The group heads to the fair to participate in the contests. The Mayor announces the contests and the townsfolk participating in each event. Several members of the group participate in each, though Meffridus and Iomagoth head off to the tower and then the Mayor’s house to investigate things.

The tower visit does not reveal much as Vokas, though odd acting, seems to carry an aire of confidence. Meeting a dead end there the pair head to the mayor’s house.

Raiding the woodshed for axes the party’s magic users head to the back door and knock. A servant girl answers the door. Meffridus tackles her to the ground. Iomagoth tried multiple times to knock her out, but fails miserably each time as he misses with an axe and his staff becomes tangled up in his cloak. The girl screams drawing people from the fair up to the house as the pair hastily make their exit.

At the contests , Dandelion has a great showing, winning the dagger throwing contest an the foot race around the village that works out to a quite close finish.

As the final contest, the sea shanty contest, is being done, Grik the farmer rushes into town saying his town is under attack of the Mist Men. The Shanty contest pauses and the council meets quickly. They request the aide of the group, who reluctantly agree.

Heading out to the farm, the group comes upon it and finds a thick mist covering the grounds with 18 to 20 men in masks slaughtering pigs and stealing various farm supplies. Charging in to attack the group makes good efforts. The Mist Men are worthy adversaries though as they use small steel tubes to shoot the party members sending two to unconsciousness. Vokas offers support with some very impressive fireballs being hurled into the group of Mist Men.

Soon the mist turns to a field of electricity as it deepens to a red shade. Vokas runs out of the fog which leads to the others to do so as well. The mist explodes in a ball of electrical energy seeming to cause all of the fallen Mist Men and their steel devices to disappear.

Grik the farmer is quite happy to have his farm saved and the group is sure to be welcomed as heroes back in the town of Slither’s End.

The Judge: Session 6

The group returns to town after saving Grik’s farm from the Mist Men attack. They are welcomed as heroes as the townspeople are quite excited to have the farm saved. The mayor informs the party that they town will pay for their accommodations for the evening at the Asp and Tattles tavern.

Making their way to the tavern where Patrice introduces himself to Tollybogs, an oversized halfing. He quickly convinces Tollybogs that the town is picking up the drinks and food for the night as well. The group settles in at a large table as more and more townspeople filter into the tavern for a chance to see and speak with the heroes that saved the farm.

As the evening goes on Gonlex becomes quite inebriated and begins busting out various sea shanties much to the acclaim of the crowd. Soon the celebration moves back out to the blood red pool at the center of town where the lectern hangs over the water, looking quite suspiciously like a cage. Gonlex is happy to have a vantage point form the lectern as he sings his songs and allows himself to be led into the lectern. Patrice, Dandelion, and Meffridus quickly take actions to be ready to spring into action should the lectern be lowered. Amidst the excitement, Meffridus is able to secure a rope to the lectern as well.

Moments later the lectern is raised into the air, swinging out over the water as Gonlex begins his last shanty of the evening:

Here me o’ people of muskmelon girth!
Come ye all, of noble or low birth.
Come here the tales of the Grand Charter Co!
Here how save the people from woe!
When the mist men are coming, don’t fret, just grin!
For you can call on your Mustertown friends!
We’ll give those old mist men a boot in their rear end!
So say I, the fearless Bard of Slither’s End!

The waters beneath the lectern begin to froth and churn as something unseen appears to cause the disturbance in the water. While obvious to the others in the group, Gonlex pays no mind and finishes his shanty to the cheers of the crowd.

The townspeople begin lowering the lectern slowly, efforts made by Meffridus and the trio of horses he called for from the stables to pull the rope ensure the lectern lands back on the platform where Gonlex is freed from the lectern.

Meffridus, making use of his horse language, learns from the horses that typically people are lowered into the water. Though the horses know little else.

The celebrations continue back at the Asp and Tattles well into the night.

The next morning the group heads downstairs to find the Mayor and Miriam waiting for them. They explain more about the disappearances of people from town and confirm the rumor that Jonas Gralk was last seen carrying his mother outside of town. The council representatives ask the group to investigate on behalf of the town.

Agreeing the group follows their young guide north of town across some slippery pontoon bridges connecting several small islands together. With a larger land mass just ahead, the air suddenly fills with flying piranha fish and the boy warns the group not to follow him as he jumps into the water and swims south back towards the village.

Dandelion conjures a force disk to help reduce the risk of crossing the precarious bridges and the group makes their way across. The fish manage to bite several of the party members, one enough to send Iomagoth to the ground. Sarth tries to lay hands on the fallen wizard, but angers Pelagia in doing so. The group attempts to roll Iomagoth’s still body and through a feat of luck Iomagoth survived the flying fish attack.

Safe on the land mass, the group looks ahead and sees a wide river flowing with a small stone tower and a quite colorful riverboat tied up to a dock below.

The Judge: Session 7

The flying piranha threat behind the party the group looks down at the river ahead, docks and a single tower plainly visible. Deciding on the evident course the party approaches the tower, noticing a vividly colored riverboat tied to the near docks.

An older woman with wispy gray hair protruding from under an battered, rusty helmet points a crossbow in the general direction of the group and questions their business. Answering they were looking for river bandits and the missing Gralks, she reveals she is familiar with the Gralks. The lady says Clotilda hasn’t been right since her youngest “left” town. She reports Jonas came by here with her several days ago and headed across the river.

The lady believing the group meant her no harm, let the party pass as another similar helmeted head appeared at the top of the tower as well. Approaching the riverboat the captain Erankus introduces himself to you. After a brief conversation he offers you free passage across The Flow in exchange for rooting out the bandits at the Keep down the river. He offers a longbow and barrel full of arrows for your help.

Agreeing to the deal, the party crosses the river. A small hut sits on the other side of the river for shelter while waiting for the riverboat. The group spots a few tracks that head north from here on a game trail. Noting that, the group heads east along the river to scout out the bandit’s keep with the sketch map Erankus provided.

Approaching the keep the group sees the large ballista used to target passing boats and a lone figure watching the river. Circling around the building a bit, the group also sees the steps leading up to the gate of the keep, flanked by two towers with sentries in them. The massive figure of what appears to be a bear wearing a hat appears to be chained at the base of the steps leading up to the keep.

Meffridus and Iomagoth retreat back to the docks to borrow a row boat and make their way back down the driver, beaching the boat on the south shore before reaching the keep. The pair make their way through the muck of the swap to get a view of the inlet depicted in the sketch. Within the inlet they can see there is a small cave with a small boat docked in the cave.

Just as the pair begins to head back to their boat, the sounds of something large moving through the reeds is heard. Meffridus chooses to summon forth snarling vines capturing the large crocodillo in them. The crocodillo’s movement is slowed as the pair reach the boat and clamber in. The crocodillo closes the last few yards and slams into the rowboat, knocking both into the water. The crocodillo snaps viciously at Meffridus, unlucky enough to be the closest to the great beast. Iomagoth sees little option but to call upon Malloc’s favor. Another set of roots erpupt from the swamp waters snaring the crocodillo allowing time for the pair to climb back into the boat and row safely away.

With the party reunited, the group decides to wait until night and raid the keep at night via the inlet. Letting the current slowly move them along the group near silently reaches the inlet and discovers a vertical tunnel that leads up and into the camp.

Patrice volunteers to ascend first and works his way up the ladder quietly, finding himself in a room with a burly man questioning three, ragged looking individuals. Patrice moves quickly and with his blackjack knocks the man to the ground unconscious in one fell blow. Wasting little time, he uses his dagger to end the man.

Questioning the three individuals Patrice decides to free them from their bonds, learning their names are Baptist, Exuberance, and Olfactory. They agree to aid the others in the fight.

As the others climb the ladder an axe wielding man bursts through the door hearing some of the commotion. The battle is swift as blows are exchanged, the trio of rescued prisoner tackling the man and then biting him as a sword thrust ends that bandits life.

Outfitting the rescued trio, the group makes their way to the ballista where they see three sleeping sentries. Patrice again makes his way stealthily up to the wall and easily dispatches the first, though not without waking the other two.

A battle breaks out and several blows are exchanged, the tower sentries by the gate come to investigate. Meffridus holds the newcomers off with a choking cloud as the others finish off the bandits on the wall. With choking cloud still intact the group turns the ballista and launches it at the wooden gate sending it crashing to the ground. Meffridus uses the still present choking cloud to smother the bear as more clouds are conjured and slings bullets used to put the bear down, still on its chain.

The group then heads to the other location that Baptist said held more prisoners. A cleaver wielding guard answers the door as Meffridus knocks. The group quickly overwhelms the last bandit.

Within the building some treasure is discovered and plundered, the prisoners are freed. Within an hour the rest of the keep is secured. The river bandit threat has been eliminated.

The Judge: Session 8

Recovering the damaged boat used to reach the bandit keep and the bandit’s own small boat, the group heads back up the river to the riverboat docks. Picking up the supposed Gralk trail the group heads north, away from the river.

Working through the small trees taking root in this still swampish water, the group comes upon a scene with a dead villager laying amongst the brush, his death a violent one. As the group notices the vile green paste on the villager’s lips two trees seem to come to life as a small voice shouts insults at the group. The trees advance wielding rusty axes as the flittering voice among the branches continues to hurl insults.

The trees attack with their axes as Meffridus summons forth many snarling roots that even appear to slow the trees down. Others shoot arrows and slings at the trees, though noticing they appear to be doing no significant damage. Patrice hurls oil at the one tree and manages to get things smoldering as the voice keeps moving about the branches.

Meffridus spots what appears to be a pixie of some sort and summons forth more roots to slow the flighty creature down. The slowed trees hurl their axes as the party as more oil is tossed at them. One of the trees begins to catch fire as a well placed shot strikes the flying pixie killing it. At the moment of its death, the trees cease to move.

Patrice searches the other tree and finds a decent sized emerald, while Baptist and his trio gut the pixie.

Continuing north the group comes to a large clearing with a tremendously oversized tree that reaches all the way up to the clouds. Giant eagles float amongst its branches riding the air currents. A small tent appears to be set at the base of the tree. As the group enters the clearing the man begins acting franticly, speaking in unknown tongue and waving his arms as if motioning the group off.

Stepping back into the treeline the figure seems to calm, though he still watches. Stepping back out into the clearing elicits the same reaction from him. Deciding to skirt the giant tree, the group follows a path that stays away from the tree and continues on by.

Finding a rickety wooden bridge the group crosses a small creek that flows down into the river crossed earlier. Hearing sounds of laughter, axe chopping and digging the group sends Patrice to investigate. He sneaks forward and finds an encampment with several human guards and even more opposumen as well as what appear to be several prisoners from the village of Slither’s End.

Patrice falls back to advise the others and the group decides to launch a surprise attack on the encampment. Luck with them as they make a devastating attack on the unaware guards. Between well aimed attacks, powerful magics and the stealth of Patrice the guards are reduced to a lone survivor before his life too is ended.

With prisoners rescued the group asks a few questions of the lone woman apparently not affected by this green paste the others have on their lips. Both women, men, and children have been kept prisoner. The woman explains that Jonas Gralk applies this paste to them each morning to keep them docile and easier controlled. She managed to escape hers this morning. She says they are being used to mine this glowing green ooze from some pits further to the north. She details that there are more prisoners ahead in a walled area and there are another 15 to 20 guards. The Gralks seem to remain in one of two towers in the same compound.

The Judge: Session 9

With the group at the work camp they hurriedly made preparations to continue north to the compound the woman described. Moving quickly through the swampy woods the group came upon the site.

Two towers rose above the walls of the structure surrounded by walls. A guardhouse stood at the south side of the structure, but several portions of the walls of the compound had collapsed due to the swampy ground. Watching the compound for a few minutes, Baptist spots a guard atop the guardhouse.

Patrice decides to try to sneak to one of the breaks in the wall to get a better look. Having to cross open ground he finds the task difficult and is spotted by the guard. A shout goes up and Patrice is told to stop, which he does.

A brief round of questioning follows with Patrice agreeing to be bound to be escorted into the building. His supplies are taken from him as his hands are bound behind him. As this happens the rest of the group makes use of the distraction to enter the facility through the northeaster break in the wall.

Patrice is led inside through the gatehouse. The remaining group believes they have found the opossumen’s barracks and decide to set it on fire. Using a liberal dosing of oil the barracks is soon up in flames distracting Patrice’s captors.

Patrice’s captors strike him on the head and he feigns unconsciousness as they leave. A crowd gathers near the fire as they futilely try to extinguish the flames. Patrice uses a dagger not found by his captors to cut his bonds as he hides behind a toolshed.

Meffridus and Iomagoth decide to call upon the powers of Malloc to deal with the human guards and opossumen. Making simultaneous pleas for assistance their call is answered in an astounding way. The ground begins to shake as enormous roots below the earth begin to writhe. Large portions of the walls collapse, the towers shake, and fissures begin swallowing up people and then closing back up crushing them. Patrice barely manages to escape a fissure himself as he falls outside the protective area of Meffridus and Iomagoth.

As the trembling subsides a handful of guards remain which the group quickly dispatches. The ooze pit has disappeared, drained via a fissure along with the slave workers harvesting the ooze.
The group continues to the still standing, though now significantly cracked tower and enter. Encountering an ooze spider the group fights it off with Baptist and his crew finally dispatching it.
Inside a set of stairs leads up. The attic is quickly checked by Patrice and a door opened to reveal a shaky bridge across the now empty ooze pit. On the other side Jonas Gralk appears, calling out that she will kill them all if they continue. He begins shaking the bridge as soon as Gonlex sets foot on it.

Jonas is intent on shaking the bridge as some of the group attempt to cross while other fire missile weapons at him. Gonlex falls from the bridge, though he survives the fall. Exuberance and Olfactory also plummet from the swinging bridge to their deaths. Baptist finishes charging across the bridge and bites Jonas, the last of Jonas’ lifeblood leaving his body.

Hearing chanting on the other side of the door, Gonlex breaks into the room and finds the mask wearing woman forming into an ooze beast of some sort. The many ooze tentacled creature lashes out at the group, striking many and sending Sarth unconscious to the ground. She falls under a series of blows, Baptist once again landing the final killing blow.

With the party weak from combat, they recover the sought after mask from the ooze woman and plan their next steps.

The Judge: Session 10

With the Gralks defeated, the group chose to rest for an evening in the confines of the now ruined castle from Malloc’s wrath. Recovering the mask the group headed back to the giant tree to see what they could learn from the crazy man.

They found the crazy man pre-occupied with something near his tent and Baptist stealthily made his way across the open area towards the tent. Reaching the area he notice numerous oversized squirrels overhead as he quickly snuck up on the crazy man and applied viper’s kiss to him to lower his resistance.

The squirrels quickly grew more interested and began watching the disturbance as Patrice made his way across the open expanse. Not being as successful, Patrice was spotted by the squirrels who turned their attention towards him as he moved through the area. The giant squirrels threw giant acorns at Patrice out in the open.

Getting struck by an acorn sent Patrice to the ground, unmoving. The group scurried into action with those by the trees trying to gain the attention of the squirrels while still out of range. Baptist retreated with his prisoner while Sarth rushed to revive Patrice.

After another vicious onslaught of hurled acorns the group returned with their prisoner to the treeline. Baptist questioned him intently, learning powerful magics had gone awry between two battling mages resulting in the tremendous growth of the tree.

Deciding the prize inside the tent was not worth risking the squirrels’ vicious attacks the group moved on towards the river. Summoning the riverboat the group crossed and made their way back to Slither’s End.

At the Asp and Tattles the group was treated like heroes despite being questioned about where the other villagers were who had been taken. Given a place to sleep for the evening at the Tavern, the group awoke the next morning and sought out Vokas to ask questions about the sacrificing ritual and the mysteries of the town.

After investigation the group learned the town had struck a deal with Salissak through a local trapper to have the village protected by the Grimmels in exchange for pork and musk melons. Over the years this exchange led to an annual human sacrifice. This is what had kept the town safe for years.

The group learned of a shaman of these Grimmel creatures who had also helped reach the deal. Tracking him down in the swamp waters the group convinced him to alter the agreement for the sacrifice to be an adult as opposed as a child. The shaman agreed to this amendment and explained the deal to Councilwoman Miriam and the mayor.

Feeling the job was done the best it could the group used the sending stone to attempt to return to Mustertown. Just as Mustertown began to come into view, large powerful roots grabbed the group and the words of Malloc said he was tired of being trifled with many requests and Meffridus and Iomagoth owed him a favor. The feeling of vertigo and darkness returned with the group ending up in a natural cavern.

At the far side of the cavern there were 8 skeletal figured laid to rest and one leader type figure on a larger stone. As the group moved closer the figured animated and immediately attacked the party. A fierce battle ensued with the outcome in question for several moments before each undead was finally slain. During the course of the battle the group found a hall of worked stone to the south.


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