I have a difficult time keeping up with all the threads on G+ and they tend to fade to the bottom of the pack rather quickly. I don’t like to let questions asked of me slip by, but the forums here are for the upgraded paying members.

So – this page is a work-around solution. If you have a question for me regarding your character, additional information about the “campaign” world you would like to know, etc, etc. you can put the question here and I will make sure to answer it. The reply might be via Email, Google+ or that and the addition of a Wiki page. But this will make sure I don’t forget to answer a question.

Q) How does mithral effect spell casting and other penalties “less” than standard armor?

A) By default mithril armor does not reduce the spell check penalty (the rules read as “may”). Sets of mithril that do reduce the spell check penalty do exist and such sets can be quested for, more specifically, finding craftsmen capable of such work or finding a mithril vein of unusual quality.

Dandelion however was able to acquire a set of mithril armor that reduces the spell check penalty by 1. It is an exceptional piece of armor and for once her luck was with her.

Q) How does rolling the body work?

Recovering the Body (pp93) requires a luck check. Luck checks are described on pp19 as rolling under your luck score on a d20. Since adding modifiers would only hurt you, we are assuming it is an unmodified d20 roll under your Luck score.

Q) Why the dice rolling delays in Roll20?


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