Just some of the Sea Shanties Gonlex has sang during the course of the campaign.

“I smell a rat, and a boy on the wharf, and the men in the water, and my good buddy Sarth!”

We came from the city, we walked to the stones, we bribed the old wench to save flesh on our bones… we fell through the darkness, we came from the stone, we came to fight the mist men from your homes! We slash and we dash and we drink and we sway, we bash and we crash and we dance and we say:… come all ye weary, lay your burdens down! We’re the Grand Charter Company, Heroes froooomm Muuuuuuusssss Teeeerrrrrr TOWWWWNNNNN!!!

Gonlex the brave! Gonlex the brash! Gonlex the bard is drunk of his arsh!

Here me o’ people of muskmelon girth!
Come ye all, of noble or low birth.
Come here the tales of the Grand Charter Co!
Here how save the people from woe!
When the mist men are coming, don’t fret, just grin!
For you can call on your Mustertown friends!
We’ll give those old mist men a boot in their rear end!
So say I, the fearless Bard of Slither’s End!


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