Argometh (Matt, Session 1)

Argometh met his fate falling from a ledge near the Arena’s pavilion while 140’ of rope sat unused in the party’s packs.

Ben (Joe, Session 2)

Ben met his fate as he was squashed by a rolling steel ball within the Arena.

Lantin (Joe, Session 2)

Lantin also met his fate as he was squashes by a rolling steel ball within the Arena.

Algernon (Tony, Session 2)

Algernon mis-stepped while crossing the “flesh” bridge and was impaled by a spike.

Dorian (Dustin, Session 2)

Dorian fell victim to poison gas as a stoppered vase was opened releasing the deadly gas into the room.

Elroy (Tony, Session 2)

Elroy fell valiantly fighting a purple slime.

Delbert (Kelly, Session 2)

Delbert fell to friendly fire while battling the purple slimes.

Heidolphus (Matt, Session 3)

Heidolphus was grabbed by a root of the tree, perhaps an Avatar of Malloc and squeezed to death. The still warm body was subsequently moved by the root to the maw in the trunk of the tree.


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