I asked this question once on Google+ Hangouts, but I find the information a little more difficult to keep track of there. I know some of you have played other adventures, run other adventures, etc. Can you list here what adventures you have played or are familiar with so I know to avoid them? I think this mainly affects Matt and Tony, maybe Kelly.

I’m familiar with:
those in the rulebook
Doom of the Savage Kings
People of the Pit
and Emerald Enchanter.

Jewels of the Carnifex & 13th Skull are on the way. I can hold off on reading those though if I need to. My regular DCC group has only been meeting about once a month so it will be awhile before we get to those.


I have played through part of Sailors. (With most of you guys)
I have GLANCED at the maps in the book

So I am pretty much a noon to DCC published modules

- Kel

I have looked at and/or played the following:
- DCC rulebook adventures
- Doom of the Savage Kings
- Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror
- The FREE RPG DAY DCC adventure (not sure what it was called)



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