Mustertown sits just outside the walls of The Great City. It is composed of a ramshackle set of buildings. Mustertown sits at the very edge of the swamp waters that constantly threaten The Great City and has necessitated it continual migration to the north over hundreds of years.

Any heading to the legendary Sending Stones must head through this ramshackle town. Many find it a reasonable place to spend a few copper for supplies or barter for goods before trying their hand at the Sunken City.


The Lady

A mysterious lady that lives on the causeway en route to the Sending Stone. While friendly and exuding confidence to those that speak with her, her origins are unknown.


A victim of a Sending Stone accident, No-Legs is the gentleman that appraises all items that a chartered party wants considered for a Bright Prize or Gray Prize.

Old Soily

Old Soily is the owner of The Soiled Dove. Old Soily has graying hair and a thin weathered appearance. Initial interactions with him have proven that he seems pleasant and confident.


Vinn is the Muster Counter. He seems beleaguered and as if the weight of the world rests upon his shoulders. He appears younger than Old Soily, though he sports a grizzled face most times. He is responsible for a party’s mustering. He issues the armbands and insured the baked clay marker with next of kin on it. He collects the copper piece for each member of the charter.


The Soiled Dove

The Soiled Dove is the main tavern of Mustertown. Not only able to provide room and board, most basic supplies can be gathered here. Most charters into The Sunken City start at the Soiled Dove.

The business is owned by Old Soily.

The dilapidated building is three stories tall, two chimneys from the top and a broad stone porch at its entrance. Inside, the main tap room has many tables close together and often several residents of Mustertown can be found within.


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