Slither's End


Slither’s End is in the southern portion of the Sunken City, one of the earlier portions of the area the swamp reclaimed as its own.


Clotilda Gralk

A name mentioned in the visions. The sign on her cottage states she is an herbalist as well. She is missing from the village. Some rumors say she was seen being carried off by her son, Jonas Gralk.

Jonas Gralk

The local gravedigger for the village. He has been missing for several days. Rumors are that he was last seen carrying his mother off from the village over his shoulder.

Miriam Pendreyson

Member of the council. She was one of the first to introduce herself to the party and took them on the tour of the village.


A dwarf who accompanied Miriam and the group on a tour of the town. He works at the local tannery.

Onus One-Arm

Manager of the local pork processing plant. The folks the party spoke with say the limb was lost in an accident at the processing plant.


The group saw his tower on the tour. He was seen tending a garden just outside the tower.


The Asp and Tattles

The local tavern. The group saw the outside of the building while on tour. The food there is rumored to be quite decent.

Melon and Pork Complex

The building that houses the processing operations for local pork production.


These are various rumors you heard while touring the town and back near the site of the fair while mingling with the townspeople.

  • Clotilda Gralk was seen being carried off by her son Jonas several days ago.
  • There have been several disappearances recently of local townsfolk.
  • A townsperson exclaimed something about Salissak’s 30 all seeing eyes.
  • The eyes of the swamp are watching you.
  • Things in the mist.
  • The swamp is still reclaiming the area near Slither’s End, a recent collapse was recently reported.
  • Children were heard talking about 30 eyes for 30 days, 30 souls shall come this way

Slither's End

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