The Great City


The Great City is an old and fading city bordered by the sea to the west, hills turning to mountains to the north and lands largely untamed to the east (at least as far as the city folk will say). The city has shifted north over the centuries as the swamps to the south are a constant threat, slowly taking back land as sections of the city are abandoned over the years to the relentless advance of the swamps.

Life in the Great City is difficult. Very few in the city are able to rise to any position of merit. For the common folk life inside the Great City is harrowing with daily survival a challenge. This life is what drives many to try their luck at scavenging the unknowns of the Sunken City south of town. Lands the swamp has reclaimed. Lands that might hold untold riches, or an unlikely hero’s demise.


The Shaman

The group visited this shaman to ask questions about the objects and words Meffridus and Iomagoth saw in their visions. He identified the village Slither’s End, the mask and provided insight that The Lady might be able to assist with speaking to the demon in the Sending Stone.


Wardrobe & Privyworks

The city’s premiere merchant for lotions, oils, aromatherapy candles and more. Managed by Roderic.

Old City (a.k.a. Commons district)

Squalor Court

During the day it tends to be more of a food market, with some stands selling craft items and trinkets. By night it takes on a different appearance as red lamps are hung and tattooed slaves raise black tents. It is said items of of sinister note are sold at night in this market once the sun sinks in the sky. Everything from wicked idols, foul spell components, and deadly poisons. The right person here may also be able to source the goods you desire.

Souk District

Black Gate Bazaar

Black Gate Bazaar, which is also in the Souk District. The reputation here is one of lesser quality goods, though cheaper prices. Buyer beware.

Souk Bazaar

It seems to have the most variety of items of the mundane and hard to get nature. The bazaar is typically bustling with people during the day as hawkers shout to be heard over the people as they sell their wares adding to the chaos.

Evenings in the Souk Bazaar find it shifting from a bazaar of physical goods to one of entertainment and streetwalkers plying the crowds for money. Still commercial in nature, the bazaar is more focused on entertainment for a cost.

The Great City

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