Baptist Inklings

A loathesome, creepy fellow, with a quick temper. Baptist is most comfortable hiding in the shadows while holding a grudge.


STR 13 +1
AG 13 +1 REF +3
STAM 9 None FORT +2
PERS 6 -1 WILL +0
INT 10 None
LUCK 17 +2 (current 17)

Luck Roll Speed of Cobra #24 (add Luck Bonus to INI)
Luck Die 1d6

Occupation Barber
Alignment Chaotic
LVL : 4 XP : 190

HP (hit die d6) MAX. 30 / CURRENT 25
Melee d20 + 2 + STR
Range d20 + 2 + AG
INI d20 + 1 + LUCK
AC 13
Crit / Table 1d16/ II

SPECIAL backstab 8 (dagger does 1d10 DAM + Crit roll)
sneak 9
hide 8
pick pocket 4
climb wall 8
pick lock 8
find trap 6
dis. trap 3
forge doc 3
disguise 7
read lang 2
use poison 8
use scroll d12

Weapons Shovel (staff) that belonged to Olfactory 1d4
Dwarven Crossbow (1d16 INI) 1d6 (80/160/240) (19 bolts)
Silver Dagger 1d4 / 1d10 (backstab) (with Ivory handle)
Heavy Crossbow 1d8 (1d16 INI) can’t move in the round (40 bolts) NOT CARRYING
Garrote 1 / 3d4
Meat Cleaver 1d4
Meat Cleaver 1d4
Silver Dagger +1 1d4 / 1d10 (sheds light 20’ radius at will)
Dagger 1d4 / 1d10
Armor Mammoth & Sabre-tooth Bone Armor, AC +3 fumble d8, -3 pen
Masterwork Leather Armor AC +2. Penalty 0, fumble d8

Equipment 1,217 GOLD 176 SILVER 6 COPPER


Fitted Burlap Mask of Carnifex (FORT save v nasuea to wear)
Death’s Head ring
(1) Garrison’s Commanders Badge
Lycanthropes hands knotted up in his hair.
Mottled Brown Cloak (+1 to Sneak) wearing the lower jaw of Olfactory, Exuberance, Iomagoth & Meffrdus sewn to cloak.
Bloodstone embedded into Left Eye – DC 10 Will save to avoid -1 penalties to all rolls. -1 to all thief checks that require eye sight

Flint and Steel
Rusty Thief’s Tools (-1 to pick checks)
Grappling Hooks
100’ of Rope
Thieves’ Tools
Chalk (3 pcs)
(2) casks of flammable oil (mini-keg size) – carry 4 uses.
Dimensional Bag of Holding

(3) vial, Viper’s Kiss Paste, Narcotic
(1) vial, Centipede Poison, 1 application per vial
(1) vial, Green Ooze from the Azazel Idol
(3) applications of Giant Wasp
(2) applications of Scorpion
(1) vial, Oil of Slaying (coat weapon, target must make DC13 FORT against death, enough for 3 small weapons, 2 med or 1 lrg) USES LEFT 1
(7) vials, Black Ichor from Azazel’s idol
(1) orbs of alchemist fire
(1) Black Lotus
(9) Anemoea Spines, intact and good shape

map to the Secret Entrance to the Temple of Carnifex
Gold + Platinum Star-burst holy symbol of Carnifax, goldchain
hammered copper map of temple of Carnifex
2 communion wafers

A handful of beetles with the faces of tormented soul’s faces
BLUEBERRY the CROW always on my shoulder one caw for NO, two caws for YES


The three, Baptist, Exhuberance and Olfactory are members of a fledgling Malotoch (the ravenous, cannibalistic, carrion crow Goddess of scavengers, ruin and cannibalism)cult. They dress in long, hooded, loose fitting robes made of the hides of black river rats. They conduct ritualistic murders to honor Malotoch, in which they capture, kill and roast a creature over a fire, then they eat its flesh and drink its blood. All of this is done while under the influence of herbal concoctions made of found plants, mushrooms and dung.

Baptist is the self-appointed leader of the Malotoch cult, due to his skill in making the required sacrifices. He is tall and very skinny under is ill fitting robe.

Baptist Inklings

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