Belegal (Deceased - EATEN)

Chaotic Dwarf wants in on the action


Str 11
Agi 14 +1
Sta 7 -1
Per 13 +1
Int 10
Luc 16 +2 (Fumble Rolls: -4 total)

Alignment: Chaotic
Speed: 20
Level: 1
XP: 10

Ref: +2
Fort: +0
Will: +2

Max HP: 10 (1d4-1, 1d10-1)
AC: 15 (+ 3 Std. Leather, + 1 Shield, 1 Agility)
Initiative: +1 (
1 Agility)
Action dice: d20
Attack: d3 (deed die)
Crit die: 1d10
Crit table: III
Fumble die: 1d8
Check Penalty: -3 (-2 armor, -1 shield)
Languages: Common, Dwarf

d3+2 Handaxe
d3+3 Handaxe (thrown)

d14 Shield Bash

Equipment, gear and treasure:
50’ Rope
Small Hammer

3 gp


Belegal was a short-lived fellow, who had a run-in with the Pig Wizard of Snake Pass, and after finding himself teleported to the Sunken City, joined Satan’s Glee Club. He was shortly thereafter eaten by Baptist Inklings, after having crossed that rogue by accidentally triggering a trap.

He’s dead now, but is still giving Baptist the farts and bad indigestion something FIERCE.

Belegal (Deceased - EATEN)

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