Bong Clabberer II


Class: Warrior; Occupation: Shaman; Title: Barbarian

AL: N; Speed: 30’; Lvl 2; HP: 25; Init: +2;
Deed die: d4; Crit die/table: d14/III; Crit range: 19-20
Str 18 +3; Ag 11; Sta 10; Per 12; Int 11; Luck 13 +1
Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +0

Lucky Roll: Fortunate date (missile fire)
Lucky Weapon: Longsword

Armor: Hide +3/-1; Shield +1/-1
Weapons: Longsword 1d8; Longbow 70/140/210 1d6; Brass knuckles (2 qty) 1d3

Equipment: Backpack, rations, flint & steel, herbs, iron spike, mirror
Treasure: 525 gp


Barbarian outlander born in the line of the shamans of his tribe. He left the wilds in his teens in search of adventure & glory. Obnoxious bodybuilder type.

Bong Clabberer II

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