Jargon Underfoot

Neutral Halfling with a smarmy Napoleon Complex


Alignment:: Neutral
Level: 5
XP: 290
Max HP: 23
AC: 13 (10 + 1 Padded armor + 2 Agil )

Str: 13, +1
Agi: 16, +2
Sta: 8, -1
Per: 11, +0
Int: 16, +2
Luk: 11, +0 (Fox Cunning: Find Traps/Disable Traps)

Ref: 5
Fort: 1
Will: 3

Initiative: +2
Check Penalty: —
Action Dice: 1d20
Attack Dice: 1d16 / Handaxe
Attack bonus: +4
Fumble Dice: 1d8
Crit Dice: 1d12
Crit Table: III
Languages: Common, Halfling
Stealth Check: +9

Attack Workspace:
Left Hand- Handaxe (1d16+4), 1d6 dmg
Right Hand- Handaxe (1d16+4), 1d6 dmg

50ft of rope
Grappling hook
Torch (1)
Shortbow (1d16+4), 1d6 dmg
2 well-balanced Handaxes (courtesy of Belegal)
Arrow: 30

Thanks to the healing powers of Tsanth, he now has a permanent branding of the mark of Cthulhu in his chest.


Jargon is a bit rare. His family gave him the first name based on his mushed words as a child. The ridicule from his family and community caused him to feel as if he were nearly exiled within the boundaries of his own hovel had lasted long enough for him to leave and not harbor any desire to return. He is smart, perhaps too smart for his own good, and he feels as if he should be made a ruler of something. If only he had an army under his command…

His speech now runs like arrogant silk, though he is not very arrogant, it is just how he can be perceived. Often people think he is looking down on them while looking up at them. It is still uncertain if this is true.

Jargon Underfoot

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