Kevin Goodhonor


Kevin Goodhonor
2nd Level Warrior
Alignment: Lawful
STR: 15 (1)
AGL: 7 (-1)
STA: 10
PER: 13 (
INT: 9
LUCK: 16 (2) +2 AC
HP: 24 (3
AC: 20
REF: 0
FORT: +1
WILL: +1

INIT: +1
THREAT: 19-20

Weapon Training: battleaxe, club, crossbow, dagger, dart, handaxe, javelin, longbow, longsword, mace, polearm, shortbow, short sword, sling, spear, staff, two-handed sword, and warhammer.

Armor Proficiencies: All.

Lucky Weapon: Long Sword
Gear: Long Sword, Half-plate, Shield, Backpack, 50 ft rope w/grappling hook, lantern, oil, flint/steel, waterskin.
Gold: 535 (585 spent)


Kevin was a potato farmer by trade. He was an upright citizen who didn’t toil in his fields on the sabbath but would certainly help a person out who was in trouble. He shared what he earned with others, and allowed widows to glean from his fields.

When he was kidnapped he went peacefully, although he probably could have fought his way to freedom. He felt it wiser to wait until the right moment where he could save others in the process. When he was liberated by those adventurers, he joined their ranks.

Sure, some of them might have had tough lives and had to turn to crime, but they were brave and skilled, and they saved those children without a second thought. So they can’t be all that bad. He sees himself as a moral and chivalric compass for the group, but doesn’t want to preach, he’d prefer to lead by example.

Kevin Goodhonor

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