Kpnooney-Klaus the Widower

A wheat farmer with NO social skills, quite the dumpkin. The K and P are silent.


kPnooney-Clause the Widower
**k and p are silent

STR 13 +1
AG 14 +1 REF +1
STA 14 +1 FORT -1
PER 4 -2 WILL -2
INT 14 +1
LUCK 16 (current 16) +2

HP 3 (current 3)
AC 12

Luck Charmed House (Armor Class)
Occ Wheat Farmer
Lang Common, Halfling

Equip Pitchfork (spear0
50’ Rope
(3) torches
Flint & Steel
Egg Basket (heirloom handed down from his great-great gandfather
2 days ration
4 copper


You will often find Kpnooney-Klaus standing by himself in the corner, looking down at his feet. When spoken to he will often only mumble back nearly inaudible. Extremely shy and gullible, he lack of social skills is what got him in this position in the first place.

Kpnooney-Klaus’ wife Husinflaxin was stuck and killed by a meteor whilst giving birth to their first child.

Kpnooney-Klaus the Widower

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