Shabbat Mystender(Deceased- Magic Missile to the face-hole)

Neutral Wizzzzzzz...wants pooooowwweeeeeerrrrrr


AC: 10, HP: 6
REF:1, FORT: 1, WILL: 2

Magic Missile
Runic Alphabet
Ward Portal
Invoke Patron(No Patron yet)

Staff, Dagger, Pitchfork


A squat of a human, measuring only 5’ tall, Shabbat was the son of commoners that tended to the corn fields that fed the great city of_______________.

He found his powers to be natural when he was playing with his brother in the fields. His brother began playing a bit too rough, and set off Shabbat’s temper. The end result was ruined crops as magical energies pour from the young man in a seemingly futile effort to get his brother away. His family shunned him and claimed him to be possessed by a demon.

His hands are still riddled with callouses, and he is not afraid to get physical if need be.

More details to come…

Shabbat Mystender(Deceased- Magic Missile to the face-hole)

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