New Loot – Blades Against Death

  • 35sp
  • moon, hand carved from bone (3gp)
    From Storeroom behind curtain
  • 37gp
  • 3 vials of oil
  • 4" tall scrimshaw idol of humanoid woman, crown adorned with coral and seashells

items below here already claimed I think

Old Loot

All other items fenced or appropriated

  • Black rod with stylized spiked chain links (Old Soily won’t fence)
  • Journal from underground island (2cp)
  • Battered red leather tome, contains 1 spell (unknown value)

Aerie of the Crow God

  • Platinum necklace w/ 2 sapphires, empty socket (250gp)
  • 4 scale models of Great City Temples (50gp each)
  • Holy Symbol to Three Fates (60gp)
  • rusted axe
  • small shield
  • helmet
  • 4 heavy crossbows
  • red glazed orbs (20) of alchemist fire
  • Chest – (236gp, 98sp)
  • silver dagger
  • 12gp, 40sp
  • 6 gems (3 pink moss agates (10gp each), blood red spinel (100gp), a garnet (100gp), sapphire (400gp)
  • 50gp
  • heavy shield
  • Garrison Badges (2) at 10gp each
  • bloodstone (50gp)
  • bone handled silver dagger
  • silver necklace (25gp)
  • gold ring (125gp)
  • scrolls – chill touch, ventriloquism, animate dead
  • gold ring that healed Knoony Klaus? ( I think he has it?)
  • 380gp, 375sp, 125cp
  • dimensional bag of holding

Old Loot Two

  • ‘Nice looking’ axe (5gp)
  • ‘Nice looking’ greataxe (7gp)
  • Bear Pelt (2gp)
  • 8 casks of oil (6gp for all 8)
  • Grappling hooks (10sp)
  • 30 sheets of parchment (10sp)

Sepulcher of the Mountain God

  • heavy steel mace, Ira symbol on it (2-handed, STR16 to wield) worth 50gp
  • Breastplate of interlinked bones, saber tooth bones, cracked with age (25gp) Baptist?
  • cape of multi-colored feathers (25gp)
  • ancient coins, to collector, worth 80gp
  • gem (15gp)
  • gem (25gp)
  • gem (10gp)
  • gem (15gp)
  • gem (40gp)
  • gem (50gp)
  • gem (30gp)
  • gem (30gp)
  • gem (10gp)
  • 113sp
  • 31gp
  • bag of 34 gems (worth 150gp total)
  • rusted thieves tools (checks at a -1) (10gp)
  • 13cp
  • Golden Symbol of Gelihedres (40gp)

Dwarven Outpost

  • Dwarven Dice, found in guard room (3gp)- Patrice
  • ornately carved silver tankard (worth 10gp)
  • 3 crystalline fragments, worth 20gp, 30gp, 40gp
  • 6 crystalline fragments, worth 10gp, 10gp, 15gp, 20gp, 25gp, 30gp
  • random crystalline fragments (final cave), worth total of 170gp
  • 2 spears (I think these were claimed) (dwarven made) (1gp each)
  • 1 crossbow (dwarven made) (18gp)
  • 1 BattleAxe (dwarven made) (5gp)
  • 12gp
  • 3cp
  • 6sp

Jewels of the Carnifex

  • Holy Symbol (Light and Law) Depicting Starburst of platinum, around large ruby (150gp)
  • Pray Beads on Necklace, 33 total, 7 glossy, 26 dull and cracked yellow (+3 bonus to spell check, consumes bead)
  • 1 vial, oil of slaying (coat weapon, target must make DC13 For to die – enough for 3 small weapons, 2 medium weapons or 1 large weapon)
  • 3 vials of Holy Water
  • cumdach with 3 rubies, 3 locks – contents unknown (Meffridus)
  • chasse itself (unknown value, Carnifex relic)
  • Executioner’s Wand (two-handed sword, if STR 16 +1 to hit & damage, +2 on crit table)
  • Morningstar
  • 8 flasks worth of black ichor from idol
  • gold chalice set with semi-precious stones (25gp)
  • 7 death’s head rings (5gp each)
  • silver figure of three headed raven (45gp)
  • silver coffer (100gp)
  • 555 gp
  • Headman’s axe (two handed, -1 to hit, 2d6 damage)


New Funnel Characters Loot

  • gem with magical aura (found embedded in a dwarven skull)
  • mirrored, masterwork buckler
  • 13gp
  • 5 small brightly colored gems worth 15gp each
  • scroll – protection from evil
  • crystal crown (65gp)
  • adamantine key
  • 300gp award raised by town of Cillamar for children’s return


Old Soily can use his network of contacts to fence your goods. He explains that most things sell for half their list price on the market and he takes a 10% cut of the total sale. Rare goods or more unique items sell closer to their valued price most often, though he still takes his 10% cut from the sale. Prices change regularly depending on a myriad of factors, the prices listed above are what Old Soily thinks he can get.


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